400 People Swarm the 3D Printing Store Open House

Thanks to the 400 people of all ages who came out to the 3D Printing Store yesterday (February 7th).

People started showing up at 1 and didn’t leave until 7:45 pm.  This is additional proof that there is a great deal of interest in how 3D printing works.

Principal Deb Wilcox said, “It was so gratifying to see kids that seemed to know about and people much older wanting to learn more…..  whether they were hobbyists, inventors or architects, and we had all of these and more.”  In fact, she continued “It was so crowded that some people couldn’t even get up to see any of the 6 printers we had in operation and are making an appointment to come back.  We’ll have to do this again.”

As a reminder our store is the first store that allows you to come in and print you own design – email info@the3dprintingstore.com – to set an appointment.  We feature 2 MakerBot Replicator 2 machines and a Stratasys U-Print.

Thanks to our the good folks at Lulzbot from Loveland (www.lulzbot.com) who brought 3 of their machines including their new prototype, along with engineers to talk about their products.

There is still some breathing room when this picture was taken. That would soon change!

People of all ages from 5 to 75 came out to see and learn about the 3D printing store.






4 thoughts on “400 People Swarm the 3D Printing Store Open House

  1. Jeff Lints

    Very impressed with the standing room only crowd, and the diversity of the crowd! There were plenty of top level technical folks, both in the audience and those representing The 3D Printing Store and Lulzbot. Keep up the good work.

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