April 9, 2018 - Justin Finesilver



CENTENNIAL, COLORADO, March 26, 2018 The 3D Printing Store today announced they will be offering production part manufacturing services using Carbon M2 printers and proprietary Digital Light Synthesisä (DLS) technology to Colorado and the Mountain States Region. With the addition of Carbon’s M2 printers to its existing 3D Printing facility at the mothership location in Centennial, Colorado, The 3D Printing Store now offers real production capabilities that incorporate a revolutionary way to 3D Print plastic components.


"We know that there is a need for low- to medium-volume plastic manufacturing, and that using 3D printing that has both speed and valuable material sets for industry has been needed for some time," said Justin Finesilver, co-owner and principal, The 3D Printing Store. "Since we started the company, we have been assisting individuals, companies large and small, and industry groups with trusted knowledge and expertise in 3D design and printing.  We watched the Carbon DLS technology with great interest and followed the development that brings this additive production manufacturing system to industry across many sectors."


Over the last few years, 3D Printing has moved from a novelty and tool of a disparate group of enthusiasts to a real manufacturing technology that enhances the ability to produce parts for diverse industries. Carbon’s 3D printing is regarded as the most advanced form of new manufacturing technologies, working at the intersection of hardware, software, and molecular science. Its M2 printers and DLS technology deliver a breakthrough process that uses digital light projection, oxygen permeable optics, and programmable liquid resins to produce parts with complicated geometries and can reduce multipart assemblies into one simplified print.


Carbon’s complete 3D Manufacturing solution combines proprietary continuous printing technology with programmable liquid resins to create parts with isotropic mechanical properties that are similar in strength and surface finish to injection molded parts.  The part creation is faster because it is a continuous process, whereas most 3D printing machines build up one layer at a time with pauses in-between. This continuous process not only reduces build time, but it also avoids the stair-steps created with most layered methods. This results in smooth surface finishes and allows for textures to be added onto parts.


“Carbon’s novel approach enables much faster, higher quality products by fusing design, engineering and manufacturing together,” said Dana McCallum, Head of Production Partnerships at Carbon. ““We’re excited to work with The 3D Printing Store to bring Carbon’s complete 3D Manufacturing solution to its customers.”


The 3D Printing Store welcomes your inquiries and will work with you to immediately get parts ready for manufacturing with DLS. Visit or call 1-720-443-3733 to learn more.


About The3D Printing Store


Established November 2012 by cofounders Debra Wilcox and Kenton Kuhn, The 3D Printing Store was one of the first bricks and mortar locations to offer face to face 3D design, 3D scanning, and 3D printing services to businesses and consumers. That model has grown to encompass multiple printer technologies, casting and molding and assemblies that serve our customer base that includes large aerospace companies, local manufacturers and growing companies that need fast, reliable and accurate design and print services. We welcome first time product developers and industry specific prototypes tooling and form and fit projects.