The 3D Printing Store’s Response to COVID-19

As we navigate and come out of this global pandemic, your business will need to focus on safety-- protecting your personnel and assuring your customer safety to keep your business up and running. We are a driving force in this pandemic by manufacturing the best quality personal protective equipment. Our Made in America products brought to you by local small businesses.

Training and installation done the right way

Buying a 3D printer is one thing. Integrating it into your business is another. Our 3D printer installation services, training, and support guides provide everything you need to operate your new 3D printer with confidence.

3D Printer Installation & Set-Up

We go the extra mile to make sure you feel comfortable operating your 3D printer. As soon as your printer arrives, our team will be ready to assist you with the installation process.

Remote Installation

For printers that can be self installed, our techs will walk you through the installation process step by step over the phone.

On-site Installations

For larger printers that need a technician to perform the install, we’ll dispatch one of our certified field techs to your site to get the job done.


We make sure your new 3D printers are ready to perform at their best. Workstations, software, reliable power and network connectivity are all tested for you.

Training & Support

We provide training to each member of your team. Our support guides and detailed instructions gives your staff the tools to operate the machine with confidence and ease.

Getting Started

We’ll cover all the basics with your team, from unboxing and assembly to preventive maintenance schedules and quick start guides that will help your team hit the ground running.


We teach you how to operate each part of the machine, from calibrating the printing bed to loading and storing filament, we cover it all.


Many printers have their own software. We’ll make sure you’re comfortable using the software to upload your files, change designs and execute your prints.


Like your car, every printer needs a maintenance schedule. We’ll show you how to clean your machines and even offer some preventive maintenance tips we’ve learned over the years.

Insider Knowledge

We study and work on 3D printers every day. This means you get direct access to expert tips and useful hacks you won’t find in any printer manual or installation guide.

Back-up power & network redundancy

There’s nothing worse than having to restart a print job because of a power or network outage. A single second without power could set you back 10 hours or more in print time, not to mention wasted materials.

We offer solutions for uninterruptible power and network reliability. Keep your prints running, even when the lights go out.

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