The 3D Printing Store’s Response to COVID-19

As we navigate and come out of this global pandemic, your business will need to focus on safety-- protecting your personnel and assuring your customer safety to keep your business up and running. We are a driving force in this pandemic by manufacturing the best quality personal protective equipment. Our Made in America products brought to you by local small businesses.

3D printer repair services for when you need immediate support.

Our 3D printer repair services include:

Extruder diagnostics

Includes filament alignment and nozzle checks for wet or dried filament jams.

Bed calibration

Help with bed leveling, z-height verification, and adhesion for print beds.

Inventory parts

We keep all common spare parts in stock for fast repair times.

Software support

From software training to firmware updates, we make sure the software is the least of your issues.

We keep your 3D printers running like a well-oiled machine

Our trained and certified 3D technicians are ready to service many of the most popular names in 3D printing today.

Markforged 3D Printers

Get support beyond your manufacturer’s warranty.

A service plan from the 3D Printing Store offers protection beyond a typical manufacturer’s warranty, with services tailored specifically to the printer you own.

We make getting your printers fixed as convenient as possible for you.

If something with your printer breaks, let us know and we’ll get you a replacement.

  • Coverage on accidental or physical damage of parts.
  • We inventory all common spare parts and hardware in our depot for fast repairs.
  • From clogged nozzle heads, to damaged motor belts, there’s nothing our technicians can’t handle.
  • We offer on-site repairs and guided repairs with a trained technician over the phone.

Our certified technicians can fix 3D printers from many of the largest names in the industry.  

From clogged nozzle heads, to faulty motors, our techs have seen and fixed it all.

  • Repair diagnostics from a certified 3D technician.
  • Annual cleanings and inspections to keep your printers running at full capacity.
  • Printer bed calibrations to ensure proper leveling on X, Y, and Z axes.
  • Printer software firmware updates and troubleshooting.

any time you experience problems, give us a call and one of our technicians will re-mediate any issue.

  • On-site or depot repair services from a certified 3D technician.
  • Print on our machines while yours gets repaired.
  • Material and part recommendations.
  • Printer troubleshooting and repair walk-throughs.
  • Help with processing repair and order requests.
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