The 3D Printing Store’s Response to COVID-19

As we navigate and come out of this global pandemic, your business will need to focus on safety-- protecting your personnel and assuring your customer safety to keep your business up and running. We are a driving force in this pandemic by manufacturing the best quality personal protective equipment. Our Made in America products brought to you by local small businesses.


Aerospace is one of the first industries to adopt additive manufacturing. Companies like NASA and Boeing use 3D printing to produce lightweight parts, cutting down their production lead times and saving them money on fuel. As more engineering materials become FAA certified, additive manufacturing will play a critical role in aerospace.

Our aerospace customers are 3D printing

Electrical housing
Printed circuit boards
Air filter boxes
Brackets, clips & clamps
Fuel tanks
Fuselage models
Door latch components

How we can help

Simplify Inventory

Simplify inventory management by producing production parts on-demand. This is a big advantage for aerospace manufacturers concerned about inventory costs.

Reduce Weight

Create parts using lightweight materials that have thinner walls than injection molding. The ability to print complex geometries allows for greater part consolidation, helping reduce weight and save money on fuel costs.

Print your part

Our 3D printing service bureau hosts many 3D printing technologies capable of producing your custom parts. Send us your file and we will ship your part once it’s finished, helping cut down lead times. We take our customers’ IP seriously and take proper measures to ensure your information is safe.

Material availability

We’ve worked alongside many aerospace engineers and know which materials are best suited for aerospace applications. We have materials certified to UL-94V0, FAR 25.853 and FAR 29.853 standards such as ULTEM 9085 and ULTEM 1010. We even offer high temp thermoplastics like PEEK.

Learn how Harris Space and Intelligence Systems are analyzing 3D printed RF properties in space.

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