Safety, speed, and durability are three standards that fuel the automotive industry. With additive manufacturing (AM), engineers have the ability to innovate with custom designs that result in lightweight, high-strength parts that meet today’s strictest safety standards.

Parts our automotive customers are 3D printing

Custom paneling
Assembly jigs & fixtures
Car models
Gauges, dials & switches
Door handles
Seatbelt buckles

Tooling & Fixtures

While 3D printed parts going into cars is beneficial, the real value is in the tooling and fixtures that aid the manufacturing process. Fixtures, cradles and prototypes are some of the most common parts 3D printed among automotive manufacturers. We have the expertise to make sure those parts are strong and durable.

Mass Customization of Interiors

Most parts found in car interiors get made from different types of plastics. By nature, plastics are lightweight and a common material used in many additive manufacturing practices. Our 3D printers and design services can help you produce innovative interior parts for any automobile.

Durable, High-Temperature Materials

Our engineers can provide excellent material recommendations for your automotive applications. We offer a handful of 3D printing materials suitable for high-performance automotive parts, one of which is PEEK. Not only is this material stress-resistant, but it can withstand extremely high temperatures up to 500° C.

Let Us Print Your Auto Part

Our 3D printing service bureau hosts a variety of 3D printing technologies capable of producing parts that are stronger and more affordable than some metals. Send us your file and we will ship your part once it’s finished, helping cut down your production lead times. We take our customers’ IP seriously and always take proper measures to ensure your information is safe.

Get clarity on different strategies and applications for 3D printing on the manufacturing floor.

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