3D printing changes how engineers and manufacturers design, build, and test their products. We work with manufacturers to help them understand where additive manufacturing of plastics can complement or even replace existing processes.

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How we help

Injection Molds

When it comes to prototyping plastic injection molds, traditional molds can take weeks to arrive and cost thousands of dollars to produce. With additive manufacturing, our experts can help you produce short-run injection molds in a fraction of the time and cost.

Thermoplastics replacing metal

While machining parts from aluminum is a practical option, additive manufacturing with thermoplastics or reinforced composite fibers will produce lighter weight parts that are strong enough to replace steel or aluminum in many applications. Our 3D composite fiber printers from Markforged can 3D print parts that are 8x stronger than ABS and 20% stronger than the yield strength of aluminum.

Design Best Practices

Our designers can show you how to apply new geometric boundaries to designs that allow less material waste, faster build times and reduces the risk of shrinkage.

We’ll print your plastic parts

Our 3D printing service bureau hosts a variety of 3D printing technologies capable of producing plastic parts that are stronger and more affordable than some metals. Send us your file and we will ship your part once it’s finished, helping cut down your production lead times. We take our customers’ IP seriously and always take proper measures to ensure your information is safe.

Download our free whitepaper and learn how you could be using PEEK 3D printers from Intamsys to your advantage.

Have questions about additive manufacturing of plastics?

Our team of 3D experts and engineers are here to help answer any questions you might have about 3D printing plastics and the impact it can have on your current manufacturing process.

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