The 3D Printing Store’s Response to COVID-19

As we navigate and come out of this global pandemic, your business will need to focus on safety-- protecting your personnel and assuring your customer safety to keep your business up and running. We are a driving force in this pandemic by manufacturing the best quality personal protective equipment. Our Made in America products brought to you by local small businesses.


As healthcare spending continues to rise, 3D printing brings new cost saving practices for doctors, surgeons and other medical professionals. From 3D printed organs to 3D printed pills, our team can help make additive manufacturing a critical part of your medical practice.

How our customers are using 3D printing

Hearing aids
Personalized prosthetics
Finger splints
Anatomical models
Soft tissue engineering
Surgical instruments

How we can help


The 3D-Bioplotter from EnvisionTEC is one of the most seasoned bioprinters on the market. Backed by over 150 research papers to date, the 3D-Bioplotter helps medical researchers fabricate hyperelastic bone, ovary implants, placenta models and is widely used in bone regeneration research.

Medical Tooling

Being able to design and 3D print new medical tools within a matter of days is a huge advantage. We can help you design and create medical instruments used for orthopedic, spinal, or even veterinary applications faster than most investment casting or injection molding methods.

Material Selection

We offer FDA approved materials that are Class IIa biocompatible according to ISO 10993 Medical Product Law. So if you’re making hearing aid shells, otoplastics, or any other medical device, talk to our experts to get the latest material recommendations for your application.

Print-a-part services

If you’re not ready to invest in a 3D printer, our service bureau will 3D print your part for you on our machines. Send us your design file and we’ll provide you with a quote on what it would cost to print and ship your part.

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