Recently, the 3D Printing Store spent a day with the Colorado Advanced Manufacturing Association for the annual CAMA Golf Tournament. CAMA is an industry association proudly supporting Colorado manufacturers and dedicated to advancing the state manufacturing industry. For our 3D printing operation, it is an excellent opportunity to interact with different ideas and explore new trends!

Networking & Making Connections

While at the annual tournament, our 3D Printing Store connected with other members and learned more about a few new business opportunities. The event offered an overwhelming amount of support for new business directions as well as the future of our industry in Colorado. We are proud to have connected with industry members paving the way for advanced manufacturing in Colorado.

Learn More About the 3D Printing & Manufacturing Community

The 3D Printing Store is proud to have participated and supported this association! Attending the CAMA Golf Tournament proved to be extremely valuable in gaining fresh perspectives on the forward-thinking direction of the 3D printing industry.

If you would like to know more about our experience at the CAMA Golf Tournament, get in touch! Visit our website to find out about the value of additive manufacturing in the 3D industry today!

Held annually at the Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs, the Space Foundation and many partners, including the 3D Printing Store, host The Space Symposium. This year marks the 36th symposium, designed to bring together companies, as well as the United States defense and government assets. Colorado continues to be a key player in the aerospace industry and touts its location as a #milecloser to space and the 3D Printing Store is pleased to participate and support this industry!


From the venue atmosphere to the agenda, The Space Symposium creates an exciting environment for networking, allowing customers and experts involved in revolutionizing space technologies to meet. Bringing participants together, this aerospace-center event provides an opportunity for growth and discussion. The 3D Printing Store is proud to be part of these networking opportunities and to help several large companies contribute to man’s exploration of space.


The Space Symposium represents all sectors of the space community, including commercial space businesses and subcontractors, military personnel, and national security organizations. Space entrepreneurs, space travel providers, and educational institutions engage in revolutionizing space technologies. The 3D Printing Store is fortunate enough to join these organizations and individuals, and is proud to have the opportunity to view and develop new space innovations. We believe 3D printing has its own place with regards to key space matters and technology.


The annual Space Symposium has long been a stage for many notable leaders in the space industry. This event holds a host of prominent national state officials, astronauts, and space travelers. Bringing the focus of critical space innovations to attention as well as providing a unique opportunity to examine this industry from multiple perspectives.

Explore 3D Printing Store & Our Influence

The impact of 3D printing in the aerospace industry is revolutionizing the speed and process of new parts and pieces in space technology. These innovations are an essential part of the space industry. Our team of experts is proud to attend the Space Foundation’s annual Space Symposium two-day conference in Colorado Springs, Colorado. We are proud to support and recognize this crucial forward-thinking industry that represents the latest in space technology innovations.

If you attended the 36th Space Symposium, what were your thoughts? What was your experience like? We’d love to compare our notes with you. 
Meet with our experts at The 3D Printing Store to learn more about our additive manufacturing solutions for space technology as well as defense. Whether printing parts, providing filaments, or revolutionizing your project, we can do it all. Contact us today!

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