The 3D Printing Store’s Response to COVID-19

As we navigate and come out of this global pandemic, your business will need to focus on safety-- protecting your personnel and assuring your customer safety to keep your business up and running. We are a driving force in this pandemic by manufacturing the best quality personal protective equipment. Our Made in America products brought to you by local small businesses.

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Contact mitigation for the city of Centennial, CO.

In July of this year, the City of Centennial was faced with new challenges from COVID-19 throughout the city. They originally contacted us at The 3D Printing Store to learn more about the face shields and PPE that we produce in our Centennial shop.

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What coronavirus is teaching the US about dependence on foreign goods and global supply chains

When faced with a new challenge, the 3D Printing Store near Centennial Airport stepped up to meet that challenge.

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Wind turbines on the ocean
Accucode and RCAM Technologies Announce 3D Concrete Printing Plans for Offshore Wind Turbines

Accucode, Inc. and RCAM Technologies announced plans to develop wind energy components using 3D printed concrete.

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3D Printed Electronic Parts
Nano Dimension’s Partner, Accucode, Expands with Opening of First 3D Electronics Service Bureau in the U.S. and Purchases Second DragonFly System

Nano Dimension and Accucode open world’s first 3D electronics service bureau with locations in Centennial, Colorado and Richardson, Texas.

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3D Devices at Contact Points Ensure a Clean and Caring Environment for Personnel Safety

Safety at Every Contact Opportunity for a Clean and Caring Workplace Environment

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Manufacturing in a Changing World: Digital Manufacturing Has Arrived

Digital manufacturing gives consumers the confidence that their products can be manufactured just down the street rather than thousands of miles away. In times of crisis, it is comforting to know who is making your protective equipment and where it is being produced.

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Accucode, Inc. Announces End of Partnership With Nano Dimension Ltd.

Accucode 3D, a Division of Accucode, Inc. Ceases Operations of its Electronics Manufacturing Service Bureau

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Case Studies

3D Scanning with Artec Spider for Healthcare

See how 3D scanning and 3D printing is helping children with ear deformities.

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ROI of 3D Scanning for Reverse Engineering

An international manufacturer and distributor of construction machine spare parts wanted to replace old parts with new ones milled from 3D models made by the Artec Eva 3D scanner.

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Fully functional drone made by the world’s most versatile 3D printer

3D printers gained the attention of a broader audience in the second decade of the XXI century with a few open source project which offered affordable additive manufacturing machines, simultaneously sparking a market for future 3D printer manufacturers.

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