Free, same-day quotes for on-demand repairs starting at $9999

From diagnostics to upgrades to recommended general maintenance, we’ve got you covered from end to end for all of your 3D printer repair needs.

Resources to help both beginners and pros excel

With every repair, you receive digital documents with details and instructions for everything — how to run your first print, level a bed, slice apart, maintain your print, and more.

Premium filament at unbeatable prices

For anyone who uses our repair or upgrade services, we offer a 10% discount off of our premium filaments from Push Plastics. Push Plastics delivers high-quality plastics that are made in America. They are a trusted filament provider and are the material of choice by our print service bureau.

3D printer diagnostics and repairs for your budget

Our engineers and technicians have years of experience repairing and upgrading leading consumer-grade 3D printers

20-Point Inspection

For any printer that comes in our doors, we do a full 20-point inspection to determine the problem leading to the current print failure as well as any other potential problems.

Approve work before it’s done

After diagnostics, our technicians will give you a complete run down and confirm a plan with you. If it requires purchasing additional parts, we always check with you first.

You don’t want to send it back again

We always return a free test print and slicer profile with your printer. This bonus gives you a point of reference for any adjustments needed ensuring the highest quality of your future prints.

Know exactly what we did

A comprehensive report details everything — including part details, tools used, a full inspection checklist, and any other recommendations from our technicians.

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