Many workplaces have come under scrutiny during the current COVID-19 pandemic. Work environments need to operate continuously under multiple regulatory schemes for both processing and production undertaken, and for worker safety. But, none of their current practices anticipated COVID 19. Many facilities have been closed for several weeks and are now reopening. Those deemed essential remained open unless there was an outbreak. Both workers and the employer were affected.  

OSHA regulations address general protection of workers in a work environment. No one knew what a pandemic was. These rules have changed. Now, there are rules to eliminate the spread of the virus  to any degree possible. These are broad directives with big impacts. The virus is known to have survived days on various surfaces. The opportunity for  transmission by surface contact from person to person has to be addressed. Solutions need to be implemented now. 

3DPS has come up with a variety of devices that can be installed on existing hardware or provided to each worker as a contact mitigation device. Existing workplaces must prevent the contact that occurs on surfaces from one worker to another worker. The potential for contact is hundreds of times a day on doors, switches, buttons, handrails, and other surfaces. There are contact mitigation strategies that include both devices and a change in thinking that goes with the use of these devices. 

To a large degree in our everyday interactions we have eliminated person to person contact. On the other hand, in workplaces where there is constant worker contact at various parts of their jobs and contact points are used by multiple workers throughout the day. We can quickly install devices that mitigate touching at these points of contact throughout any facility.

We see the advantage of developing contact mitigation devices that can be installed on existing equipment, whether it is door handles for exterior or interior doors, bathroom or cafeteria facilities, or any of the other places in a work environment where there are high levels of daily contact. Such devices can be useful for two reasons. 

Number one, they absolutely mitigate contact with physical devices that will likely be touched by coworkers throughout the day. This also cuts down on the cost of having someone who has to clean those points of contacts throughout the day on an hourly schedule.

Second, these devices serve to remind workers that the devices protect them and their coworkers from point of contact spread. Our devices are physical barriers and provide absolute contact mitigation. But they also serve as a reminder that the virus can be spread by simply touching surfaces that are touched by their coworkers, creating a conscientious environment. So, implementing these devices creates the environment of safety that both employers and employees are looking for as we continue to work through requirements around making safe workplaces. This is a Clean and Caring Environment. We all want to be safe, but many jobs cannot be done from home. We need to ramp up production and processing facilities, warehouses and distribution centers, and other large workplaces that have hundreds of employees under one roof often working shifts around the clock. 

Success in all sizes of workplaces demands a comprehensive strategy. That is what we provide. From designing devices to fit your space, to incorporation into a training program. No one wants to get this virus, or work in an unsafe environment, so we provide simple solutions that are easily installed and used. Contact mitigation devices are fully customizable and can be made to suit one handle or hundreds. All of our devices are made in the US, so design and production can be completed in a couple of weeks.

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