Colorado Aerospace Day at the Capitol 2021

Aerospace Day at the Colorado Capitol may look a little different this year, but we’re excited for this great opportunity to recognize and celebrate the incredible impact and achievements of Colorado’s amazing aerospace community!

Clear Masks & Face Shields

COVID-19 isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Are you tired of choosing between uncomfortable or expensive masks or shields? The 3D Printing Store can make 200 a day– with your comfort and pricing in mind.

FormNext 2020

FormNext 2020 has been the biggest show in additive manufacturing for many years. This year, the event had to move online as we all have to do in these uncertain times. Despite not being able to meet in person there was still a lot of interesting information to be gained by attending.

3DPS Prints Memorial Sculpture for Benefit Auction to Support Wounded Warrior Project

The 3D Printing Store is proud to be a US manufacturing company. The team has worked with many active duty and retired members of the US armed forces over the…

3DPS Wins 1st at Advanced Manufacturing Olympics

We all know that additive manufacturing is capable of solving many shortfalls that traditional manufacturing has; however, additive manufacturing does it have its limitations as well. Small features, parts requiring…

Contact mitigation for the city of Centennial, CO.

Through many conversations over weeks, the City of Centennial team made it known that they were also looking for contact mitigation items to help reduce high-traffic touch points in their…

What coronavirus is teaching the US about dependence on foreign goods and global supply chains

CENTENNIAL, Colo. — When faced with a new challenge, the 3D Printing Store near Centennial Airport stepped up to meet that challenge. “We never made a face shield up until…

Accucode and RCAM Technologies Announce 3D Concrete Printing Plans for Offshore Wind Turbines

Accucode, Inc. and RCAM Technologies announced their plans to develop wind energy components using 3D printed concrete. Accucode is a leading technology integrator and IT service provider and RCAM Technologies…

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