What coronavirus is teaching the US about dependence on foreign goods and global supply chains

When faced with a new challenge, the 3D Printing Store near Centennial Airport stepped up to meet that challenge.

Accucode and RCAM Technologies Announce 3D Concrete Printing Plans for Offshore Wind Turbines

Accucode, Inc. and RCAM Technologies announced plans to develop wind energy components using 3D printed concrete.

Nano Dimension’s Partner, Accucode, Expands with Opening of First 3D Electronics Service Bureau in the U.S. and Purchases Second DragonFly System

Nano Dimension and Accucode open world’s first 3D electronics service bureau with locations in Centennial, Colorado and Richardson, Texas.

NASA Partners With UCF to Develop Martian Technology

Originally posted by UCF “A University of Central Florida professor is working with NASA to figure out a way to extract metals from the Martian soil – metals that could…

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