3D Scanning to CAD (.STEP) and mesh (.STL)

The 3D Printing Store works with the latest 3D Scanning Technology to ensure the highest quality output of .stl and .step files.

We determine factors such as resolution, color, and scale while keeping the end use for the design file in mind– whether for 3D printing, traditional manufacturing, or conceptual pieces for marketing.

Our Process

We offer more than a simple scan for printing. Some parts require reverse engineering for missing pieces and some projects need more in-depth revisions.


We work with you to make sure that your project is fully understood by our team to recommend the right services while keeping within your budget and reaching your goals.


Professional scanning requires specific tools and skills. Our scanning experts make sure that all of the details of your part are captured and translated correctly.

File Repair

3D scanners themselves are not perfect. Our team uses additional sophisticated software to fine-tune and manipulate the scan data that results in a clean file.


Once the scan file is created, we always review it with you and make any needed repairs. We can then use our other services to modify designs, print your part, and more.

Creating 3D scan files

We use sophisticated technology to get high resolution 3D files with complete measurement data around an object’s relative position in space. Full color scanning to give you both the position and color of an entire part.

Reverse engineering

With 3D scanning and design, we can recreate existing parts that can no longer be sourced. It is a valuable technology when real-life references are involved alongside design and printing. It’s especially useful when an original CAD file isn’t available.


Once we create and review your 3D scan file with you, we can easily edit and revise it using industry-standard design software. The CAD file allows our team already familiar with your project to continue working with you for even faster results.

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