Dive Into Design: TinkerCAD Personalized Key Chain

3D printing can be a powerful tool. However, in order to 3D print, you first need a file to send to the printer. In an effort to help get more people designing, 3DPS is developing a series of instructions for creating your own parts.

Slicer Science: Layer Settings

This series explores each of the numerous slicer settings available in most 3D slicing softwares. Last time we looked at the settings for controlling your extruder. This time we will look at how to control the layer settings for your prints.

5 Upgrades for Your Ender 3

Printers do not always come optimized for your needs. Most printers work fine out of the box. However, there are upgrades that can be printed and improve the quality of your prints!

3D Printing Tips and Tricks

Here are 5 professional tips for keeping yourself safe with 3d printers.

5 Tips for Post-Processing Your Parts

Build Plate Orientation, Supporting, Layer Height, Build Plate Adhesion, and Material Usage

5 Tips for Slicing 3D Files Using Cura 4.8

Build Plate Orientation, Supporting, Layer Height, Buildplate Adhesion, and Material Usage

Print Preparation: A Thousand Ways to Fail

In Part 2, we will examine how print preparation has contributed to massive frustration with printing.

Tips for 3D Printer Care

Before you leave your printers for the Holidays, follow these 5 tips to ensure they are operational in the new year.

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