About Us

The 3D Printing Store (3DPS) brings rapid prototyping to engineers, designers and entrepreneurs of all levels.  3DPS utilizes cutting edge 3D printing technology to create parts with desirable material properties. Staffed with talented design engineers and scanners, 3DPS assists inventors from concept to prototype.  3DPS creates parts for a wide range of customers, from aerospace engineers to hair stylists, learning from every print job and optimizing the printing process and post processing. We do it all in the effort to spread our passion for 3D printing.


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We Strive to Help Inventors with an Idea Create Functional and Beautiful Prototypes

​Our team of Industrial Designers and 3D Printing experts based in Denver, Colorado and Richardson, Texas work hard to remove barriers to entry and bring ideas to market for innovative individuals and companies across the United States of America. ​We believe 3D printing is the future and we are here to help change the industry by moving towards a faster, sustainable, and more sophisticated form of additive manufacturing. ​

Our locations

Englewood HQ
Dallas Office
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