Solutions for your Design Needs from Concept to Launch

We are staffed by talented industrial designers and engineers who will turn your concepts to prototypes and beyond. .

Our Design Philosophy

By understanding the intricacies of your project, we help you develop a design that is functional, manufacturable, and beautiful.

Design Consultation

From files, to sketches, to new ideas, we work with you to gather information and create a 3D design that fits your project for an exceptional print.

Product Design

Our certified designers and engineers have years of experience with industry leading design tools to create, improve, or revise– optimizing designs for success.


Our team will work step-by-step with you to meet all requirements and make modifications.

Additional Services

Save time by working with a team already familiar with the design & 3D printing process. After creating a design with you, we can provide drawings, renderings, patent drawings, and more for the next stages of your product’s lifecycle.

Types of Design

With 30+ years of experience and cutting-edge design tools, we quickly identify which 3D printing design technique is right for you. From highly technical and algorithm-based models to organic replications of real life, our teams of engineers and designers ensure success from the start.

Modeling and Texture

In the design process, we work with you to find which modeling type and textures fit your project. From surface modeling to custom textures, our 3D designs meet specific application and aesthetic needs while ensuring successful additive manufacturing results.

Design Strategies

Our design capabilities generate results from what you already have. Existing products can be reverse engineered or 2D sketches can be created for subtractive manufacturing or patenting. We also provide renderings to create realistic images and models for project conceptualization.

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