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4 Reasons to Have Your 3D Printer Repaired

There are a number of reasons why you should have your 3D printer repaired as soon as possible.  3D printers are complex machines, and they can break down for a variety of reasons. We have listed four of the most important reasons why you should have your 3D printer repaired as soon as possible. Contact […]

4 Reasons to Use a 3D Printing Service Bureau

3D printing service bureaus are a new and innovative way to get 3D printed parts and objects. 3D printers are becoming more affordable, but they can be tricky to use for those without experience or expertise in the field. This is where the 3D Printing Store comes in! From designing and scanning to creating prototypes […]

Dive Into Design: TinkerCAD Personalized Key Chain

3D printing can be a powerful tool. However, in order to 3D print, you first need a file to send to the printer. In an effort to help get more people designing, 3DPS is developing a series of instructions for creating your own parts.

Slicer Science: Layer Settings

This series explores each of the numerous slicer settings available in most 3D slicing softwares. Last time we looked at the settings for controlling your extruder. This time we will look at how to control the layer settings for your…

Slicer Science: A Series Dedicated to Analyzing Slicer Settings

Slicing software such as Cura and Simplify 3D allows the user to take a 3D design file and generate a set of instructions that breaks down the file into a language that the 3D printer can understand to print the…

3D Printing in Movies: Fact or Fiction

I recently recovered from a virus– thankfully, not the one everyone is concerned about. With nothing else to do, I started watching Mr. Robot (a television drama that is a mix between heist movies and Fight Club). In the final…

3D Printed Instruments: Music to My Ears

With live music essentially vanishing from the world this past year, I am inspired to start making my own music again– neighbors be damned. I recently started looking into electronic drum kits; they are all expensive. This led me to…

Art and 3D Printing: A Masterful Hand

As our world and technology become more and more entwined, technology is able to accomplish increasingly more tasks for us. By becoming more efficient, we have gained more time to enjoy the things we love like music, activities, and the…

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