Slicer Science: A Series Dedicated to Analyzing Slicer Settings

This series aims to demystify what each of these settings does and how they may be affecting your print.

3D Printing in Movies: Fact or Fiction

I recently recovered from a virus– thankfully, not the one everyone is concerned about. With nothing else to do, I started watching Mr. Robot (a television drama that is a mix between heist movies and Fight Club). In the final season of the show, there is a scene where the main character must gain access […]

3D Printed Instruments: Music to My Ears

Music has always been a passion of mine. I played percussion instruments for 8 years before moving into apartments and losing the ability to do so… at least without making enemies of all of my neighbors.

Art and 3D Printing: A Masterful Hand

As our world and technology become more and more entwined, technology is able to accomplish increasingly more tasks for us. By becoming more efficient, we have gained more time to…

The Spring Grove Area High School Rocketry Team Takes Flight with 3DPS!

The Spring Grove Area High School (SGAHS) NASA student launch team had the goal this year to design, build, and fly a high-powered rocket carrying a scientific payload. As they…

Aerospace and Additive: Working Together to Reach New Heights

Recently, 3DPS spent a day with a global audience assembled for the #ADDITIV 2021 Aerospace Event. The panels were valuable to listen to and the audience was engaged. Aerospace continues…

FDM Metal Printing: Democratizing Metal Additive Manufacturing

3D printing is able to accomplish incredible designs that would be extremely difficult or impossible to machine. There are many benefits to this including: increased strength, weight reduction, assembly costs…

The Death of the 3D Printing Hype and the Birth of 3D Printing for Real: Part 3

In Part 1 of this exploration, we examined how designing useful, functional parts is a significant barrier in the widespread adoption of 3D printing. We looked at what strides have…

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