Art and 3D Printing: A Masterful Hand

3D design and printing technologies have made it possible for more people to create and share their artistic visions like never before. They bring new life and previously unseen structures into our world.

The Spring Grove Area High School Rocketry Team Takes Flight with 3DPS!

In March 2021, the Spring Grove Area High School NASA student launch team from in Pennsylvania reached out to The 3D Printing Store to help build and fly their high-powered rocket “Aquarius.”

Aerospace and Additive: Working Together to Reach New Heights

Aerospace continues to dominate the conversation for applications of additive manufacturing parts for airships, propulsion systems, rovers, and more– all parts of large projects going to space today or in the immediate future.

Technology, Industry, People, Economics, Youth

With a focus on case studies, additive manufacturing user applications, visionary talks on the future, and people shaping the industry, TIPE | 2021 curated an inspirational all-female agenda of speakers and…

A Review: Multiple Extrusion 3D Printing

FDM 3D printers are very simple in their operation. Essentially, they have a heated nozzle, an extruder, and a gantry system that moves the extruder. So it makes sense that…

Print Preparation: A Thousand Ways to Fail

In Part 1 of this exploration, we examined how designing useful, functional parts is a significant barrier in the widespread adoption of 3D printing. We looked at what strides have…

3D Printing The Strongest Link

Being able to create an interlinked chain demonstrates many unique features of 3D printing. There are very few other manufacturing methods that would be able to produce an interconnected part,…

The Death of the 3D Printing Hype and the Birth of 3D Printing for Real

I am sure we all remember as early as 2010 hearing about how 3D printers would exist in all of our homes next to our desktop 2D inkjet printers. Manufacturing…

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