FDM Metal Printing: Democratizing Metal Additive Manufacturing

3D printing is able to accomplish incredible designs that would be extremely difficult or impossible to machine. There are many benefits to this including: increased strength, weight reduction, assembly costs reduction, waste reduction, and more.

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TIPE 3D may not be an acronym that you are familiar with, but last week there were over 1,600 people worldwide who knew what that meant in a well-curated virtual event. More importantly, it means so many different things to everyone who participated. The guiding principle was simple:

3D Devices at Contact Points Ensure a Clean and Caring Environment for Personnel Safety

Many workplaces have come under scrutiny during the current COVID-19 pandemic. Work environments need to operate continuously under multiple regulatory schemes for both processing and production undertaken, and for worker…

Manufacturing in a Changing World: Digital Manufacturing Has Arrived

Digital Manufacturing isn’t just about technology or process, it is about the ability to be flexible and to move quickly. Traditional manufacturing can produce innumerable things and incredible amounts of…

Accucode, Inc. Announces End of Partnership With Nano Dimension Ltd.

CENTENNIAL, CO. April 27, 2020 — Accucode 3D, a division of Accucode, Inc. of Centennial, CO, announced today that it will cease operations of its electronics manufacturing service bureau. The…

Formnext 2019: Key Takeaways From the World’s Leading Additive Manufacturing Show

Formnext 2019 just ended, and as you know it’s one of the best shows to attend if you work in the 3D printing industry. Since it’s a global show, the…

Takeaways From the Very First “Made In America Show” in Indianapolis

Friday, October 4th, was National Manufacturing Day and what a better way to celebrate than exhibiting at the very first Made In America Show in Indianapolis. The show went from…

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