Build Plate Orientation

You can select a flat face on your model and Cura will put this face on the print bed. This saves time guessing and checking if your print is fully seated on the build plate.


Models that have areas highlighted in red generally require support material. Some areas may be able to be “bridged” if they are connected at both ends and the distance is not too great. It is recommended to use the bridging calibration print that is found on Thingiverse to find out how far your printer can go!

Layer Height

Layer height is typically depicted by nozzle size. General rule of thumb is the layer height should not be much more than half the nozzle diameter. So, if you are using a .4mm nozzle, then it is generally ideal to use a .2 layer height. The larger the layer height, the less time the print will take; however, this value can negatively impact final quality. 

Buildplate Adhesion

If you’re having trouble getting your part to stick, or it is tall and narrow and prone to falling over, Cura has a few options that can help with the parts adhesion to the bed. There is the “raft” option which builds layers of filament under your print. This raft typically adheres better to the bed due to larger surface area as well as speed variables. 

The other option is to use a “brim.” This builds layers on the exterior of the part increasing it the parts surface area. A brim differs from a raft as a raft will leave the part off the build plate slightly and a brim leaves the part on the build plate.  

These settings can be found in the “Build Plate Adhesion” tab in “Print Settings”

Material Usage

After slicing the file, Cura will have a prompt in the bottom left corner of the screen. Here it displays information on how long the print will take as well as how much material it is estimating it will use. This is helpful with larger prints so you can check if you have enough material before starting the print. 

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