Our innovative service models make additive manufacturing and 3D printing reliable and profitable for your business.

Services that enable you to realize the full potential of 3D printing

Printing & Scanning Services

3D printing has forever changed the way engineers and manufacturers create products. Test different printers and materials for your parts with our on-demand printing services.

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Unrivaled Repair & Maintenance

Owning a 3D printer is like owning a car. If you don’t maintain the little things, the big problems start to add up. Our 3D printer repair services take care of all your machine issues, big or small.

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Expert Consulting Services

Our mechanical, electrical, and chemical engineers can support all of your 3D printing and scanning needs. From 3D designs to material recommendations, we have you covered.

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Get access to the latest news and events from around the industry, 3D design tips from the experts, printer guides, videos and more! Our resource center is the one-stop shop for helping designers, engineers and manufacturers unlock the true potential of 3D printing

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3D Printing in Movies: Fact or Fiction

I recently recovered from a virus– thankfully, not the one everyone is concerned about. With nothing else to do, I started watching Mr. Robot (a television drama that is a mix between heist movies and Fight Club). In the final season of the show, there is a scene where the main character must gain access…

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