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Flexible Materials

Elastic materials are useful in wearable applications and anything that moves and stretches.

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Engineering Materials

Our engineering materials work for a wide array of applications from high strength to temperature resistance.

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Support Materials

This material is easier to remove allowing for cleaner surfaces and prints with more complicated geometries.

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Composite Materials

A 10% carbon Fiber fill on all resins adds stiffness, improved stability, and excellent surface finish

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The most commonly used 3D printing media, the benefits of PLA include affordability, easy to use, large color selection, and low print temperature.

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ABS materials are stronger and more flexible than PLA, with a higher temper resistance and machinability suitable for end use parts.

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A naturally clear color with excellent chemical and impact resistance make PETG perfect for applications that require durability and clarity.



Parts printed with ASA offer high quality temperature and ultraviolet light resistance, making this a great choice for outdoor applications.

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