With a focus on case studies, additive manufacturing user applications, visionary talks on the future, and people shaping the industry, TIPE | 2021 curated an inspirational all-female agenda of speakers and panelists. Long-lasting connections and networking opportunities are emphasized throughout this human-centered event, which welcomes all members of additive manufacturing and related communities.

Technology. Industry. People. Economics. Youth. 3D came together under the leadership of Nora Toure, the Founder of Women in 3D, and the many women who serve as advisors to Wi3D. The two-day event featured an all-woman lineup from across the world. All ages, all levels of experience, and all aspects of 3D printing were featured and in attendance. In our world of endless virtual meetings, there were several qualities that made this event worth participating in. The diverse speakers were both engaging and thought provoking. We all experience some level of tunnel vision when it comes to our work world. But there were sage advisors who could talk about the industry with the wisdom of time in the trenches as well as bright and enthusiastic younger technologists who are changing the landscape with vision and creativity. The conversations and presentations were fresh and talked about the industry with both promise and reality checks. A global cross section of industry professionals shared ideas and challenges that we could all use in our respective offices, shops, kitchens, and converted spaces with understanding.

What makes 3D printing interesting to so many cuts across borders, cultures and languages, across big and small businesses alike was shared by the many participants from all those sectors. 

Recently, one of our clients said that she didn’t think her idea was very innovative because it wasn’t likely to be a story on the evening news. I had just finished listening to several speakers talk about their applications for 3D and sure some of them were big news story ideas, but many were not. My client’s idea is very innovative and changes something we all use frequently, that we take for granted, and that has not changed for 40 or 50 years. She simply has a better design.

The point is that 3D printing has unleashed the creative potential of so many. There are also industries who have embraced this technology and their representatives spoke to the advantages – cost, time, better materials, and how any and all of those aspects may prove to be good solutions for our planet. There will be continued work on all of these ideas and the solutions being worked on will change our world – in the air, on the ground, underwater, and in the exploration of those worlds beyond our own.

There were so many content rich sessions that it was impossible to decide which was best, coolest, most thought provoking– or simply the best choice for making accessories or decorative art or even edible art. With all the ideas, examples, and case studies, we all realized that we are just touching the surface of what 3D will become for our world, for ourselves, and for our future. 

As always, The 3D Printing Store team is available to provide demonstrations, professional development courses, and educational courses to you and your team. Contact us or email arausch@the3dprintingstore.com for inquiries.

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