Through many conversations over weeks, the City of Centennial team made it known that they were also looking for contact mitigation items to help reduce high-traffic touch points in their buildings. 

The 3DPS team had been working on concepts for contact mitigation for over a month at this point and had many concepts already worked out that were nearly to the finish line. When the management team from the City of Centennial reached out, we were ready to finalize our designs to meet their specific requirements. The advantage of additive manufacturing is that we can create multiple designs to meet the needs of every type of door attachment. For this project, we didn’t use molds. Not using molds allowed us to customize our designs for different handles and other high contact points very easily. We weren’t limited by typical production processes that use molds or tooling that can’t be modified. We took and used specific measurements for the city and our skilled design team went to work. 

No project ever runs perfectly (especially custom designs at a large scale), so there were naturally some bumps in the road when we worked to identify the right materials for both indoor and outdoor applications. For example, a few of the designs were not originally made to hold up to direct sunlight and had to be reprinted in a longer lasting material. Another advantage of additive manufacturing: we can change directions quickly! 

The design, production, and installation of these tools were completed in a matter of weeks. The City of Centennial’s Safety Manager had this to say about working with The 3D Printing Store: 

“3D Printing Store did an excellent job of providing the City with a customizable touch-free solution for our doors, helping reduce the risk of what is normally one of the most common touch points in our buildings. Their follow up on their work and quick resolution of minor issues was greatly appreciated.”

Can we provide the same service to your apartment, office, or other buildings? We can customize our solutions to fit your needs at any scale. We work with the speed, efficiency, and accuracy of additive manufacturing to be sure to get the job done right and meet specific requirements. Contact us today to learn more about options and how we can deliver unique solutions during this new, challenging time. 

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