Centennial, Colo May 20th, 2019 — Accucode, Inc., a technology integrator, software and services company recognized as one of the largest private companies in Colorado announced today that it will be merging it’s 3D printing & scanning division, Accucode 3D, with Colorado-based 3D service bureau, The 3D Printing Store.

Both businesses own service bureaus that help customers design and manufacture prototypes and end-use parts using a variety of 3D printing technologies. As part of the merger, the Accucode 3D service bureau in Richardson, TX will become part of The 3D Printing Store’s network. The move also means that Debra Wilcox from The 3D Printing Store will be the CEO of the combined entity.

”We share a vision for the present and future of 3D technology and together we will serve both the product development and multiple industry sectors with better service and better solutions for prototyping and manufacturing with additive technologies,” says Debra Wilcox regarding the merger.  “We will provide process expertise and end-use solutions for businesses of all sizes and show how a disruptive technology can enhance bottom line results.”

The merger comes during a time where an increasing number of businesses and manufacturers are looking to adopt additive manufacturing for production applications, but don’t have the knowledge or expertise to know where to begin. Accucode 3D and The 3D Printing Store have long recognized this issue and share a common vision for how to solve this industry-wide problem.

“We couldn’t be more excited. The combination of these two teams and businesses is exactly what the 3D market needs right now. Together, we will be setting a new standard in the 3D channel and supply chain. It’s time for the digital, industrial revolution to move into high gear,” says Accucode CEO, Kevin Price.

The merger also means that The 3D Printing Store will begin using and promoting Accucode’s collaborative software tools, Jellyfish and 4Work. Jellyfish connects 3D buyers and sellers for streamlined order management of printed parts, printers, supplies and tools. 4Work is a collaborative project and services management tool that helps 3D vendors scale operational execution on a global basis. Both Accucode 3D and The 3D Printing Store see education, collaboration, and tools like Jellyfish and 4Work, as instrumental in moving the industry from printing prototypes to production scale.

About Accucode, Inc.

Accucode, Inc. is one of the largest and fastest growing private companies in the US. Accucode is a leading technology systems integrator and software company specializing in the application of mobile computing, networks, AIDC, 3D printing technologies, and artificial intelligence. Accucode, Inc. is a technology disruption platform that applies to almost any industry or problem set. For more information, visit https://accucode.com/. For more information about Accucode 3D, visit https://the3dprintingstore.com/.

About The 3D Printing Store

Established November 2012 by cofounders Debra Wilcox and Kenton Kuhn, The 3D Printing Store was one of the first brick and mortar locations to offer face-to-face 3D design, 3D scanning, and 3D printing services to businesses and consumers. That model has grown to encompass multiple printer technologies, casting and molding, and assemblies that serve an expanding customer base. This includes aerospace companies, manufacturers and growth companies that need fast, reliable and accurate design and print services. A broad customer base includes first-time product developers, industry specific prototypes and tooling, production parts and support for students and educators who are visioning the future. For more information, visit www.the3dprintingstore.com.

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