CENTENNIAL, CO. April 27, 2020 — Accucode 3D, a division of Accucode, Inc. of Centennial, CO, announced today that it will cease operations of its electronics manufacturing service bureau. The partnership first was announced in 2019. Accucode has made significant investments into creating what was one of the first additive manufacturing electronics operations in the world. Unfortunately, that business relied primarily on a partnership with Nano Dimensions Ltd., the manufacturer of the DragonFly LDM platform. 

Accucode CEO, Kevin Price had this to say about the announcement:

“Being an early adopter and an innovator is always a risky proposition. Unfortunately, the partner that we picked proved to be unreliable both in the performance of their machines as well as their support and reliance on their commitments. The technology did not meet anyone’s expectations of performance After broad customer engagement, dozens of trials and test projects, we were never able to produce a production quality electronic. We did not sell a single machine and while we are still producing some samples for testing, not one customer has been able to move the parts into production use. The failure on each print job was in excess of 80%. That just isn’t viable when each attempt takes hours or days, and costs thousands of dollars. The challenges were compounded when Nano installed new management in Q4 of 2019, who immediately terminated our partner agreement, raised our pricing, and reduced support. I wish I could say this was a unique experience in the additive sector. Unfortunately, this happens far too often and has been a big impediment to the market reaching its potential. Accucode 3D is still engaged with our customers and will continue to look for new solutions to add value in the electrical manufacturing sector.”

“There may be some users who have gotten better results with Nano Dimensions, but for Accucode, it no longer makes sense to continue the expense of failed exploration. We learned a lot and we will share the details of our experience over the next few weeks. We have put together a report of every board we printed and why it failed. We will share this with the community in order to hopefully save others from having to learn the same expensive lessons. This experience has highlighted the need for a standards body in the additive manufacturing sector, an unbiased lab to certify equipment, and materials for specific use cases, to document actual performance and operational best practices to ensure reliable outcomes. ” For more information, visit www.accucode.com.

Contact info listed:

Name: Accucode 3D

Company: Accucode, Inc.

Email: info@accucode3d.com

Phone: 720-443-3733

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