Everybody is tired of COVID-19 as it has slowed down business for many, cost many their jobs, and presented many hurdles for how we communicate and work effectively. In order to keep employees safe at their jobs and keep the public safe when they leave their homes, face coverings have become a necessity of everyday life.

Although there is a vaccine on the way, experts are saying that we won’t have everyone vaccinated until the summer of next year or later. Additionally, in the days leading up to widespread vaccination, experts expect the spread to get worse and not better— especially due to new variants in the disease.

During the initial days of COVID-19, many places did not have face shields or face coverings available. In response, the additive manufacturing world quickly rushed to help produce hundreds of thousands of face shields to help meet the demand while molds were created for larger volume production. PPE was made for by many for many. The 3D Printing Store worked with a network of major hospitals to produce tens of thousands of face shields and other PPE to help keep our first responders as well as the general public safe. During that time, we were focused on creating safe, effective, and tested PPE that could actually help protect people while interfering with their tasks as little as possible. 

Our team of industrial designers and engineers created an affordable, reusable mask that allows anyone to see your face– improving communication, and returning a sense of normalcy to our otherwise altered lives. The clear mask was designed to vent air out and away from the face avoiding some of the issues with fogging eyeglasses. The face shields are easy to assemble and the whole thing can be sprayed with antibacterial spray, allowing for it to easily be cleaned and reused. The anti-fog coating on the plastic also prevents buildup of moisture, allowing people to always clearly see what you are saying. This product was designed with doctors, teachers, servers, and more in mind to help improve communications while keeping everybody safe from the spread of disease.

Our face shields help keep people safe while being cost effective and comfortable. After wearing many of the current face shield designs on the market, we realized that many of them were either uncomfortable or not cost effective. After many design iterations and testing, we finalized a design that allowed for volume production of around 200+ shields/day that brought down the production cost of our shields. Combined with a comfortable foam insert and elastic headband, we offer a cost-effective and comfortable alternative to other face shields. The elastic band and temple adjustment pieces also allow for a more customized fit that avoids the uncomfortable squeezing of other masks.  We also print in a long lasting, durable material from the Photocentric durable resin. This material is safe to wash and sanitize, so the face shields can also safely be reused. Tens of thousands of these face shields were ordered by a network of hospitals over the summer of 2020 and were so well received that additional orders were made to help ensure the safety of medical personnel on the front lines.

During the current challenging times, 3DPS is committed to providing safe, effective, and affordable solutions to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. 3D printing gives us rapid prototyping and test designs have resulted in great products that are being used in the real world. We design and print things everyday at The 3D Printing Store to help you Print Your Ideas. If you have a project you would like us to help you design, let us know at :info@the3dprintingstore.com 

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