Colorado takes time every year during the legislative session to recognize this important industry in Colorado. As noted in the proclamation from Governor Polis recognizing Aerospace Day:

“…Colorado ranks first in the nation for private aerospace employment concentration, with job growth continuing at a record level; and the aerospace industry in Colorado contributes greatly to the state’s economy and developing workforce, with more than 33,000 people employed by one of Colorado’s 290 aerospace companies; directly and indirectly supporting more than 230,000 workers in the state; and nine of the nation’s major aerospace contractors have significant operations in Colorado, in addition to more than 500 companies offering space and defense-related services; and Colorado is home to unique military and intelligence space assets and is currently the nexus of military and intelligence space operations…”

Across our state there are many small companies like 3D Printing Store that support this industry as partners in the supply chain. We also work with Colorado Space Business Roundtable to support a summer internship program for students from across the state to learn more about the industry up close.

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