Advances in technology and manufacturing processes mean that companies can have user-specified designs for everything from custom logos, to in-between sizes, special colors and more. When those options are not readily available, they contact us to discuss the options. Additive manufacturing one-offs and customization are not just possible, but encouraged. Realizing the benefits of 3D printing, Vantage Homes reached out to 3DPS to customize their Mercedes Metris work van emblems to improve their brand recognition and stand out amongst their competitors. The customer considered other options for the customized emblem, but they were unsure of how to find a durable material or how true to the logo that the model could be made. They came to 3DPS to create an original emblem that matches their branding. It also needed to fit nicely and securely on the car while being strong enough to be on the exterior of a vehicle.

Recreating the emblem started with the original part. Using the original part, our design team was able to get the proper measurements. The customer provided a .DXF file of the precise recreation of the logo. .DXF is a common image format used in design and engineering drawings. Creating the custom emblem required using design software with the measurements of the original emblem attachment points. The final model used the frame with the new logo from the customer. 

Once the final design was completed for the logo, the customer gave approval to print the part. The 3DPS team selected the right print technology and material; then, with customer approval,  the part was printed using the Carbon in RPU70. This material is similar in strength to ABS, but is more UV stable. Additionally, with Carbon print technology it created a very smooth surface finish similar to injection molded parts. The finished print was a beautiful strong part that is sure to draw attention.

The final touch to the customized emblem was adding paint and installing the new emblem. The new emblem looks stunning and is currently out on the road. Keep your eyes out for these awesome customized logos!

If you would like to improve your marketing by creating customized artwork, functional pieces, giveaways, branding, and more, then reach out to! Our expert team of designers, scan master, and print operators is here to make sure all of your projects come out with amazing results.

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