Alex Rausch provides a basic overview of the Fusion 360 software layout to help users navigate the tool.

Video Transcript: Let’s look at the basic layout for Fusion 360In the top left, you can find the data panel icon that shows all of your projects as well as some useful samples and instructions. This information is stored on the cloud as well and can be accessed from any computer at any time.

Next to that, denoted by the paper, is the file icon that provides some basic high-level functions within the software including creating new designs, uploading files, exporting files, etc. Next is the save icon, that allows you to save your work as a Fusion 360 file directly to the cloud. After that are the undo and redo icons allowing the user to step backwards and forwards through changes they’ve made.

Directly to the right of these icons are the current design tabs. Several designs can be worked on at once and the separate designs are stored on these separate tabs. Next, are notifications and job status. These allow the software to communicate with the user about any software issues as well as any updates. Next is the user account information. This allows the software to change between users and save and load user settings. And beside that is the help icon which allows the user to search for specific help. 

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