I’m the new Regional Business Development Manager at The 3D Printing Store. I’m amazing with my hands and have been creating or building things for as long as I can remember. From Legos to houses I’ve built it all! In my downtime I enjoy spending it with my family and our dogs!

I have been creating since I was young, playing with legos and building soldering kits. I am the administrator here at 3DPS. When I’m not helping around the shop I enjoy cooking, sewing, and reading. I love anything pink and love animals.

I have been involved with Additive Manufacturing/3D Printing for over 8 years, and am your primary contact for our Dallas, TX location. I manage the service bureau, support, installation and training for current and future customers. I not only  provide  solutions, but  also set customers up for success, enabling your company to optimize the way you produce your products. In my free time, I like to play sports and enjoy spending time with family and friends.

I am the Founder and chief problem solver for 3DPS. A career change 10 years ago from the practice of law to making things was a great choice. I know that my dad, who was an inventor and maker, is smiling down on me everyday.

I’m an Industrial Designer from Virginia Tech with a love of 3D printing. I built my first 3D printer from a kit I purchased from Kickstarter in 2013. Though the 3D printer wasn’t perfect, I learned a lot about the revolutionary technology. My professional experience is in Ideation, Solidworks, 3D printing, Design / Technology transfer and Project Management. In my free time, I enjoy rock climbing, skiing, and outdoor photography.

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