Filament: What Is It?

March 30, 20215 min read

“Filament” is a commonplace word in the 3D printing community. But, if you’ve never heard the word, what would you think it is? Filament could be described as any material in a wire-like form. If you reference a dictionary, it…

What is 3D Printing? A Brief Overview

February 5, 20174 min read

Original article appears on What is 3D Printing? Are you having a hard time understanding what 3D printing is and how it can benefit your business? We’re here to help!…

Sewbo Brings ‘Sew Bots’ to Life in Next Wave of ‘Garment District’

September 17, 20164 min read

An amazing “blog” by Ann R. Thryft, Senior Technical Editor, Materials & Assembly tells the following great story about “Sew Bots!’: By Ann R. Thryfy: We’ve told you recently about robots…

Picture This: A 3D Printed Camera

September 9, 20163 min read

Here’s reverse engineering: a camera developed from a photo. That’s funny, but that’s the majesty of 3D Printing capabilities. In past case studies for 3D Print Camera devo, there is…

3D Printing: The Quick and Perfect Source for Manufacturing

December 14, 20153 min read

What Is Injection Molding? Injection molding is a common manufacturing process used to create plastic parts quickly and at low cost. By injecting molten thermoplastic into a mold cavity and…

E-Nable Revolutionizes Prosthetic Industry with 3D Printing

March 17, 20153 min read

Eighteen months ago I watched a video on Youtube that changed my life (see here). A young boy named Liam in South Africa, who was born without a right hand,…

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